Throttle cables


Throttle cables:

My throttle closing cable broke about 20 years ago, I never got round to fitting a new one, I just took up the play in the other cable, is this okay? The throttle works perfectly alright without it, but as the carbs are off I might replace it. Is it worth the bother?

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  • i would replace, wouldnt be good it the carbs stuck open

  • It works ok untill the throttle jams open

  • It hasn't happened in 20 years / 50,000 miles. Lots of bikes only have the one cable.

  • your choice, the engineers at kawasaki are clever blokes tho ;)

  • my thoughts exatcly

  • I don't think Kawasaki put it there as a spare!

  • Goto Halfords and get a spare brake inner cable .. much cheaper, and I'm sure kawasaki only put an extra one on so that when it broke they could screw you out of all your money on some thing that you haven't needed in 50 yrs and 15700000 miles ... ;)

  • Plenty of bikes only have one cable.

    I'll probably get a new one, when you're spending £500 on a bike what's another tenner?

  • only got the pull cable on mine ..been like that for last 8 years a kill switch and a clutch

  • Yea...sorry... my'll all be fine with no return cable!

  • Now come on Andrew ... We all know that keeping an old high speed heavy motorcycle on the road is all about doing it on the cheap and getting away with as many bodge jobs as possible. You silly man you .... Lol

  • any excuse not to ride it ....mattblack it and problem solved lol

  • Gambling isn't my strong point :-)