Thought you folks might like to see a V dressed for ice riding You have to...


Thought you folks might like to see a V dressed for ice riding. You have to make a couple of little brackets to raise the front fender; but no other mods. They work very well on ice.

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  • Brumm Brummell - wish I could take it for a ride on your beautiful roads. Visited Dubrovnik a few years back - what a lovely country you have!

  • What kind of studs are you using?

  • Automotive rally studs. We were riding a winter road, which on some hills have some sand on them. Racing screws wear out quickly on the sand, so we switched to rally studs that have a carbide insert. They work well for touring; but don't grip well enough for racing. They do work well on river ice too. Sometimes I used racing screws on front wheels, since they give better grip; but since they aren't subjected to power, they didn't wear too badly.

  • Incredible

  • HELL YEA!!!! Lets see a Ninja try and pass you now!!!

  • Ronald - I have used those, and hate to have to say it; but I found them to be very poor. They provide very little grip on ice, and tear out the first time you hit a steel grate bridge. I put a new set on in Inuvik, and all the drive screws were gone before I got out to Dawson City.

  • Thanks for the input Mike!

  • Ronald - if you are looking for studs, let me know what kind of riding you are planning, and I may be able to give you some ideas and / or product names that might help.