This was posted on the Vintage Japanese Bike page Anyone know what it is...


This was posted on the Vintage Japanese Bike page. Anyone know what it is, beyond the obvious?

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  • Looks like a message to England, Lol. is that Big Ben?

  • Just a WAG, it looks like the background is a relief of some land area, like an isthmus, and it resembles Panama in some ways. No idea what the tower is about. Something to do with engineering project? 5,-80.0998714,8z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8fa61583c8be2be3: 0x79eee04d1fa59bcf!5m1!1e1?force=lite

  • Captain here, Kawasaki City is not related to Kawasaki Heavy Industry, the up side of that thing is the shape of the city, and the symbol on the other side is the city crest

  • Ah, that's it! So much for my Panama theory.

  • I asked a Japanese friend about this just now. Other than saying that it shows the Kawasaki City's crest (like Bman had pointed out) and the words below it means "Kawasaki City", he's not sure what's the significance/event that led to the medallion's creation.

    He has yet to give his opinion on that thick black string attached to the medallion. I am very sure it's not to make it easier to pull it out of its slot in the box, since it's not a very LARGE and heavy piece.

  • What is the obvious ?

  • I suppose the obvious is it's a golden-coloured disc - presumably metal - that fits in the palm, with "Kawasaki" on both sides, "Japan" on one, black string attached onto the other...

  • ...and Dave wants to know what's the deal with this thing(?)... what's so special about it to be privileged enough to rest on what I think is velvet... in a nice, fabric-lined box(?)... :D

  • Azlan Ramli, you're cracking me up with this line of conjecture.

    Probably some kid got it for winning the "City of Kawasaki Spelling Bee". LOL

  • Or maybe a ramen-eating contest.

  • Ah.

  • Azlan Holmes :-)

  • It might be a lid to put over your tea, coffee, beer,whatever, to protect it when it's raining or so.

  • Me Holmes?

  • Or Watson? Columbo? Poirot?

  • As Jack had said: "Ah."

  • Since you're Belgian, I happen to like Poirot most... :D

  • A lid? Such as used on a garden mug?

  • This is the only Watson for me ....

  • Then again, you are American.

  • Jack Linden OK I'm a Yank, what's a garden mug?

  • Kris Kipper Vandenberghe A very British hypothesis ... Tea, beer, rain Good one.

  • Tea for the British, coffee for the Americans, beer for the real people :-D

  • Obvious: evident, clear, definite, demonstrable, patent, apparent, distinct, plain, ...

  • By obvious, I was trying to preempt the "it's a medal" post.

  • The piece of string could be simply telling everyone to go get knotted. lol

  • Perhaps it's to tie it to your shirt

  • Now we know what the string is for, thanks to my Japanese friend. His exact words: "This is an example of old fashioned or dignified paperweight".

    At least some of the mystery has now been answered.

    Yes, you're welcome! :D

  • Dave >>> a mug specifically designed to be handled with a gloved hand. It also has a lid to prevent dirt, insects or other unwelcome thing to invade your tea.

  • I'm glad I stayed to the end. Thanks Azlan.

  • Indeed, a word of thanks to our dear friend Mr. A.Poirot ;-)

  • *adjusts non-existent pointy moustache*

  • Nice!!