This might be a stupid question but here goes


This might be a stupid question, but here goes ....

AFAIK the W650 was withdrawn from sale because it didn't comply with changed emissions regulations. The current version of the W800 wouldn't comply with new regulations which will apply in a couple of years time. The regulations seems to be aimed at manufacturers and business sellers, not private sellers or users.

But my car has to comply with an annual emissions test and if it fails I can't drive it. So what's the position with riding a W650 or W800, now or when E4 comes in?

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  • Should I live a long and reasonably healthy life, I know that I won't be as good a rider when I'm, say, 65. So, if I am still physically able - and allowed by the authorities and insurance company - to operate a motorcycle on public roads then, I don't mind one with some tricks by Bosch and gang, to say the least! ;)

  • ...because by then my beloved W will feel like twice its weight now!

  • But back to the original subject, I'd like to believe that while the bike companies have to follow the emissions rules and regulations, at the same time they try their best to make their machines enjoyable to the end users.

  • Well, the ZED is coming back or so I heard....

  • I can still recall the excitement I felt, in 1973, sitting on a Kawasaki Z1-903 for the first time and hitting the starter button, knowing that that motorcycle would challenge my abilities. Then, a few years later, on a race-prepped Kawasaki KZ1000 at Mosport, "pushing" the bike harder in the corners, "pushing" myself harder to sharpen my skills and my nerve, and the satisfaction (huge grin on my face!) of cruising back into the pits after a "good run." I did a track day at Mosport, last Summer, on my Thruxton 900. Great fun! I can't imagine that scrubbing-the-tires-in would have quite the same level of satisfaction on one of those big, new, gizmo-equipped, nearly-emmisions-free Beemer things.

  • I hope so. In the meantime, I'd love to ride the Honda CB1100. The current ZRX1200 is ugly, especially the front cowling.

  • Andrew Nichols.

    Instructions for next decade's motorcycle emissions test:

    All motorcycle Operators: Proceed in single file to the emissions testing booth.

    All motorcycle Operators with vehicles equipped with side-stands, proceed in single file to the crusher.

    (I must be getting old? I'd rather be a Rider than an "Operator.")

  • Haha! Good one.

    The people at Aprilia must be visionaries then - my cousin has a Sportcity 200 scooter he bought more than 10 years ago. It didn't come with a side stand. :D

  • Your own Castrol Six Hours ? ;)

  • Well, as the proud owner of a free bus pass - hard earned by several decades of pushing paper around a desk - one of the attractions of a W650 is that I would be unlikely to kill myself by arriving at a corner thirty seconds before my eyeballs. I *want* to buy something which is old, slow and with very few surprises. And I would expect a new set of tyres to See Me Out.

  • Yeah, Jack. Who remembers that, eh?

  • You cracked me up Andrew ! So you worked for the Security Service then ? :v

  • Taking "pushing paper around a desk" literally makes me think of a card dealer in a casino... :D

  • Thanks! Great footage.

  • Not quite, Jack. I earned my crust in the white-knuckled world of small scale property law.

  • The blessing of having English as a second language. Or a faulty wiring harness. Whichever comes first, I can relate ! :p

  • No problem... I have a few period B&W pictures somewhere... XS1100, R100S... I'll try to dig them up.

  • That CBX gave a good showing of itself.

  • Check those tires.... No multi compound racing slick here, just your run of the mill TT100, off the shelf !

  • What? No traction control? No tire sensors?

  • No ABS, no ride by wire... Pure guts and talents.