This may sound like a dumb question to you bikers that ride in the extreme cold


This may sound like a dumb question to you bikers that ride in the extreme cold. But I live in the south where there is not a lot of cold weather. Do you use snowmobile helmets ? Do they keep your face and head warmer ? Is there any real difference in the 2 helmets. Only differences I have been told is there is a plug in heat strip shield on the snowmobile helmet.

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  • Rode down to between 9 and 17 in Jan this year for a patriot guard mission. half helmet but balaclava and several bandanas just try not to expose any skin

  • I use a G-Max 54s modular made for the snow.

    Works great.

    And you can get a double pain shield so it won't fog.

  • I don't ride in cold weather for the hell of it but I do a couple charity for kids at Christmas and one for the homeless shelter in January. I wear a full face modular helmet year round and I put on a silk baclava in cold weather and my head does not get cold. I have a one piece under suit thin but warm from cycle gear they call freeze out and it works well.

  • Below freezing temps regular motorcycle helmet or snowmobile helmet with balaclava work chaps and winter gloves and I'm fine

  • Snow mobile helmet is warmer and has a double shield that does not fog up and has a nose and chin peaces to keep the air from getting to your face ... Normal full face is lighter whit better air flow and not as warm ... I ride in the frigging cold cause i live in the frigging cold ... So i normaly wear a half helmet and use a leather face mask To cover face and ears ... Heated vest under my leather jacket or a good touring suit ... Takes up less space in the bags then a full face ... But a full face is warmer ... I dont think anyone should need a snowmobile helmet and if you do need a snowmobile helmet you will need chains on the tire ... If you have a motorcycle full face and still to cold a fleece mask should do the trick to keep

    You chin and neck warm ...