• This is the no sticker look partly achieved with Photoshop Only the white...

    This is the no sticker look partly achieved with Photoshop. Only the white avenger stickers on the tank are there in real life but I will have them off soonish. I think it looks a lot more classy with no stickers.

    • on an avi220 currently sold in the phils, the bajaj logo & word AVENGER on the fuel tank is white paint. moreover the word AVENGER is embossed & the logo is on a protruded hexagon. maybe the protruded/embossed areas needed to be levelled before repaint, coz light reflection would reveal the hexagon and the word AVENGER..but levelling would compromise tank's durability.....and i haven't solved my issues with the tank design too.. i'm patiently waiting for that kawasaki eliminator fuel tank decals that might someday be available... after all, bajaj plans to release avi200ns this year, and our avi220 could become limited to a lucky few

    • "bajaj plans to release avi200ns this year"

      Whats that? any more info?

    • you could google it on http://auto.ndtv.com/news/new- bajaj-avenger-might-launch-in- the-second-half-of-2015-740995 .... the engine is slightly smaller but bhp is higher

    • and it must get rear disk brake

    • it probably would have... but that starts at india.. of course

    • would also be nice to have a shorter wheelbase