• this is my Z1000sx 2011

    this is my Z1000sx 2011

    • I've got the same pips with no baffles in

    • Great bike - love mine - they do look way better with the screen lowered. They look a bit like a pizza delivery moped with the screen up.

    • Really good bike love mine it's great just put Michelin road pilot 4s highly recommend

    • always ride it down had been washing it lol

    • have metzeler sportec m7 rr on bike put 190/55/17 on the back

    • same here baffles out

    • if it were a little taller (factory screen) id ride with it up more, but with the factory windscreen, all the way up blasts air into my neck and under the helmet, all the way down it deflects off my chest, much more comfy that way.