This is My vn 2000


This is My vn 2000

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  • Love the Nomad bags. Best bags Kawasaki ever made...

  • What Dave Said. I want some but they are not Cheap.

  • Last I checked at Kawasaki, they were $1400. I don't remember if that was each or together. Once you get the bags, though, you also have to get the mounting brackets or make your own.

  • Yeah there like 400.00 or more used on Steal-Bay and that is for 1.

  • I gave 3000 Sweden kr for it. is about 550 dollars for 2 pice. Then i use orginal mounting brakets that i have for may leather case.

  • Ron Ayers Motorsports is $1192.99 each. The bags and the mounting brackets would end up being close to 3 grand USD. They look real nice on the bike, Johan, but, I don't have that kind of cash. :)

  • i called "the biggest motorcycle wreckers in ontario" told them i was seriously looking for vulcan hard bags... they laughed.