This is my girl. Any suggestions on possible designs etc


This is my girl. Any suggestions on possible designs etc

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  • Damn that is packed. Haha how does it pull with all that stuff on? No difference? Also, do you have the butterflies removed for increased throttle response and torque?

  • Pulls great. It's not much heavier than having a mate on the back. Bike standard, response and torque are excellent

  • Here is mine! Triggers most car alarm with the new pipes!

  • This will set off alarms couple of blocks away wouldn't it? Haha nice pipes man! 4 to 2? Or 4 in 1.

  • Lee Rose , your front fender seems to suffer the same sickness as mine!

  • 4 to 2 on mine buddy

  • Great colour love mine too

  • Nice.

  • Nice mate...where you from Lee?

  • Leeds buddy

  • Ah cool.....Barnsley here keep an eye out at squires ;)

  • I go squires all the time. Will defo look out for you pal

  • Sent you a message pal

  • Have the same color. Remove the secondary bf's! It's a big improvement!

  • If I remove them. Do I need to make any mods. I don't really want to have it remapped etc. Is it simply removing them and it will cause no issues ?

  • You don't need to remap. It just opens up the inlet and give the engine a quicker throttle response. Only downside I've noticed so far is a bit staccato idle at low speed (<50km/h) but that's a cheap price for the major increase in throttle response.

    Try it, and jf you don't like it, just put the bf's back in. Some say the fuel consumption is lowered but I have not noticed any improvement as yet.

    Being on Isle of Man might have something to do with it...