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  • i have the same colour and year :)

  • Do you have an aftermarket exhaust on yours Magnus Laas? Paint looks flat black in the photo but there is loads of metallic in it, looks great in the sun!

  • Yes, i have a Mivv suono titanium slip on exhaust. I know about that colour :) , i painted my engine frame and the silver plastics in metallic black too, so the bike is now black on black. I also added black belly pan and smoke black MRA windscreen. Also black mirror extenders and short adjustable levers (black). Also tail tidy, LED indicators and lowered the bike for my height. It`s a awesome bike :)

  • Lovely bikes :) when you fitted the exhaust did you just disconnect the exhaust valve wires from the servo?

  • No i did not install it myself, but its slip on can so you don`t have to disconnect any wires :)

  • Hello, I have exact the same bike same year, do someone have any suggestion about exhaust as I still have the original one, I was thinking about the akrapvic very expensive though !

  • I zoomed in your photo MagnusLaas, it looks like whoever fitted the slip on has disconnected it. There should be cables coming from the exhaust to the servo which operates the valve like in this photo.

  • When you change to a slip on can you take to wires off from the servo and leave them attached to the exhaust, servo continues to operate which means you don't get the F1 light come on. Changed mine today.

  • I'd go akrapovic Chao Wang, that's what I'd put on mine anyway.