• This is gonna sound stupid. Silent sprocket kits

    This is gonna sound stupid.... Silent sprocket kits?

    Am I guessing the selling point is..no noise?

    Are there any other benefits?

    • The ideal brakes are hugely powerful on the front, nice and weedy on the back.

    • My GPZ600 had wicked brakes, almost too much. The back one was really easy to lock up, even after 3 years.

    • Haha I've locked the back a few times on purpose, and locked the front once.....not on purpose

    • The only time I've locked the front wheel was on loose chippings on my 900, that hurt.

    • At least you didn't bust the unobtainium front mudguard, Dusty...

    • I did

    • Ah...

    • You'll notice my zzr now has a ducati monster mudguard

    • Makes getting the wheel out easier, I suppose.

      Who you pointing at?

    • Lol I do Copdock every year my missus was laughing as we came round the corner and I knew exactly where the photographer would be lol

    • And the cable ties holding it .. Defo Ducati build standards... Pmsl

    • Haha if it works don't fix it

    • All that's needed in life .. Cable ties, WD40 and Ductape

    • Lol so true