This Dub was at the Ponderosa this afternoon Looks like a Triumph tank rack...


This Dub was at the Ponderosa this afternoon. Looks like a Triumph tank rack fitted to it......

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  • It cost more than that to have my my original one re-chromed. :-)

  • It's OK, but the one at the top of the thread does have different feet.

  • Or the pads are glued/siliconed on

  • Andy, as I wrote earlier, I think the suction cups on metal are rather flimsy. They would never hold the rack, let alone a LOADED rack !! The guy probably came up with a more reliable option... Pads, magnets... Stuff like that...

  • I want in on this ... VELCRO! :)

  • i have an oxford magnetic tank bag,very handy

  • I like it look good would mind wone for mine when I get it back on the road

  • It's got a 'custom' bevel drive cover, too.

  • KilleR MoD :-)

  • here's mine ..... same product

  • Ive had this in mind for years now I just haven't had time to do it. I've got a tank & a rack & im going to braze the nuts to the tank, blend them in & paint it. I think it would be a very practical thing.

  • I've an idea on this Lee - to be discussed ;)

  • Mark Drury ok mate