Thinking of Pulling the Trigger on a


Thinking of Pulling the Trigger on a

New 2016 TERYX 2 .. But I Would like to hear any fees back on the machine .. Good or Bad , Please share


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  • I have a 2 if I were you I would look at the fours

  • Get a T4, you will not regret it

  • I have a 2 and now want a 4....don't do as much work with the bed as I thought I would....and I have a little guy that likes to ride....more seats the better

  • Thanks all, just wanted a 2 seater to mess around the yard

    With the kidos and dnt see myself going out to the mountains to much due to work .. Also figured the 2 seater would have a bigger bed

    For yard work .. This will be my first SBS and I'm thinking towards a dependable machine

    That ain't going to break dwn all the time z

  • There both same wheel base and there ain't much of a difference in the beds to really make a difference the two extra seats are real nice to have

  • I bought a 16 T2 2 months ago. Awesome machine! I love it!!

  • Just bought a T4 and love it except I'm going broke now buying accessories haha but when your having that grill out and all your buddies want to ride around and jam out you will wish you did just saying lol

  • Good info ... Guess with the 3 year warranty , should b no worries