• Thinking of plumping for a yss shock. Anyone fitted one. What rhey like

    Thinking of plumping for a yss shock.. Anyone fitted one? What rhey like? My oem is past it. Funeral on mot day i think!

    • I'd tighten a load more pre load on ya spring and give it a try ...probably your front as well ... It seemed very wallowy a very very soft set up last time I see it and your seat looked like it sat a lot lower than mine ... worth a try ?? ☺( I know you old foggies like a soft ride )

    • Forks were rebuilt (15w oil) but i adjusted the pre load on the shock before mot and they still said it had no damping. Rear axle was rotated as well. its a lot higher than stock. I may drop it down though.

      To me its a mild ride as oposed to solid! Cant rise sports bikes as it kills my spine.

    • Same mot place that said your not alowed to upgrade your brakes ? ?

    • Yup. Lesson learnt.

      Ive had a read of 2017 mot new regs... They suck. Will have to have standard brakes on.

    • No way ...so your not aloud to mod a bike don't sound right to me ,no more custom built bikes lol.

    • Let me know if you getting rid of your six pots ill stick em on mine ....be nice to stop .☺

    • Havent 6 pots. Nissin fireblade calipers. Scrapped the tokicos.

    • I have done the conversion on my 600 and the 1100, straight swap on the 6 but a bit of machining on the 1100. Remembered the shit brakes on my C1 in the '90s Nissin are soooo much better.

    • Does the 600 shock fit the 1100c?

    • Have you considered a refurb?

    • Sorry, don't know but the difference in weight would make a difference

    • I fitted this to my 6 worked great, no problem with it, better than th oem.

    • Graham Cawsey thanks for the link but unable to buy new ATM.

    • Paypal ??

    • Taking old one to shock guru tomorrow hopefully he can revive it for a bit less than the Yss .

    • ATM-at the moment!

    • Yep the 1100 Yss is a lot more than the 600 version that was under £100.

    • Typical!

    • Big heavy bike , big heavy power, big heavy bills, lol

    • Worth every penny though.

    • OOOOOOH yes, untill you see your over drought.

    • Overdraught?! Don't have those horrible things. Not looking good for me tomorrow but will see.

    • My nissins r fine paul. Just local mot testers being arsey, out of alignment.,they actualy lifted the bike up and he had a torch looking at the fork Mounts! Takin the pee tbh. I tested the brakes before i took her for mot. Just being complete arses. Wont be going back... Their loss.

    • Yeah she stops fine now. I milled out a bit of the callipers to get them to fit spot on.

    • Ian Woodbridge I meant you're rear shock.

    • Dont think they rebuildable?