• Thinking of changing the front pads on 2014 gen2 as can t put up with the stock...

    Thinking of changing the front pads on 2014 gen2 as can't put up with the stock ones any longer! they are so inconsistent every time I apply the brake it's different ranging from a soft feel to a hard feel with no warning or reason and the fade is terrible

    • As Matt Russell said above, I'd get the brakes looked at. If your changing I'd recommend Brembo or EBC pads.

    • Might get the dealer to take a look although they will just say they are ok or I'm braking too heavy lol I have made my discs go abit black

    • My brakes juddered like they were warped so I put In hh sintered pads and no more judder , lots cheap than new disc's

    • EBC HH

    • SBS sintered. Good pads in my experience. Initial bite is not as severe as EBC HH but their bite lasts longer I feel.

    • EBC sintered are the dogs doodahs

    • I'm with Matt I've tried OEM and EBC and the OEM edged it, only just mind you.

    • Haven't tried OEM but might just saying as they seem to be held in very high esteem

    • Keith how do they compare in price/endurance?

    • EBC were a tad cheaper I think, probably why I tried them. Can't comment on endurance as I sold my first 14 before they had worn out.