Think I saw something like this here before but can t recall the solution nor...

Think I saw something like this here before but can't recall the solution nor find it anywhere now..

My lady pillion sometime wear heals and such footwear and they scratched my exhaust.. the pillion foot rest is really close to the exhaust..

What do you guys do? I'm asking because I'm still running the scud launchers and have intention to change to either akrappovic/Leo Vince.. would hate to get the new exhaust scratched too!

  • Solution is simple:either no hills on the bike or have the high heels shoes in a backpack. Dress for the ride not for the slide. I am wondering how safe are those high heels shoes in case of a slide....just my 2 cents

  • I fitted another set of pegs using the exhaust hanger mounting bolt to fit them .., if that makes sense

  • Yeah makes sense.. so another peg to prevent resting on the exhaust.. where did you find pegs that fit direct to a screw like that though?

  • Yes ... I made them up my self , will post a pic for you ...

  • Appreciate the effort!

  • As Dascalu says, she wears proper boots. Nobody comes on my bike without full kit on, whatever the weather. Kevlar jeans, boots, jacket and gloves at the least. And helmet obviously. Even if it's roasting hot outside.

  • Even with all the correct gear this stops pillion heels touching the cans

  • I'm sure I've seen crash bungs that bolt to the exhaust hanger, maybe that would be your solution? She could rest her foot on those ....

  • Exactly what I'm looking at now.

  • These looks so much neater then the exhaust crash bungs

  • What pegs are those that you used? They look loads better than crash bungs?

  • He made them himself

  • Shame he wont make a few more pairs!!!

  • I've got the chrash bungs.keeps the pipes I put some anti slip on the bungs so my wife can move her feet around whilst touring.

  • Leave your wife at home - that should cure the problem