These have just come through the post

These have just come through the post

  • I use these on my GSX1400 and I've got a set ready for the ZX14 personally I think they're better than EBC HH.

  • Nick,ur using carbon only on ur trackbike i guess?:-)

  • I used carbon ceramic pads on my last road bike. Great pads, work well. Haven't yet worn out the HH sintered in my ZZR, but I would use carbon pads again.

  • Ain't so shure abouth carbonpads on road. I do not us them. Maybee im wrong,bt carbonpads normaly need more heat to brake good,and are ment to be used on track.?? I use sintred or similar.

  • They took longer to wear in when new, but worked very well after wear in even when cold.

  • Tor , no track bike for me, and I use my feet to stop on the 14

  • Mark Abbotts - How are you getting on with these pads mate?