There will be a elim 175 avenger ride on sunday to tagaytay nasugbu kaybiang...


There will be a elim 175/avenger ride on sunday to tagaytay, nasugbu, kaybiang tunnel. Eb shell julia vargas 6-6:30 am. Take off 6:40. Don't miss the fun and get to meet your co-riders. C u.

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  • Ok. U reside in tagaytay?

  • Yes sir, near Mahogany Market haha

  • You're sounding like a host. Har har

  • We will stop at mahogany in tagaytay. Any particular eatery there preferred?

  • Great I will meet you there. For me its Angels burger lol. Let me know the estimated time of arrival, I guess about 8:30?

  • Affirmative about that time.

  • Cool, I suggest you post about it here :)

  • Ur cp numer james cunning?

  • I will PM you