There s a slight ticking noise coming from in near the bevel drive cover on my...

There's a slight ticking noise coming from in/near the bevel drive cover on my bike, the noise gets worse as the bike heats up. Does anyone know what it is, is it doing any harm, and what's involved in fixing it.

Ta x

  • Hey Jack Schitt, i had a similar problem with a ticking noise. Worst when driving at a constant speed. There is a bush between then inner and outer skin on the exhaust header pipe. Mine rattled due to the bush they insert being loose. I made a new one, worked well for some time. The tick sounds started after a while. Turns out it was a good fit on inner skin loose on the outer! Made anew one and fixed. I swore it came from my bevel drive until one day i put the tip of a screwdriver on the bevel with my ear on the handle looking for the noise and tried tbe pipe where it joins the muffler! After 8 months of adjusting the bevel drive finally worked it out! Embarrassing story!

  • I hated that tapping noise!

  • Ride along the road and if you hear the sound lean forward and get a guid grip on the headlight rim. The sound might very well disappear. The rim rattles at certain frequencies. It did ma heid in for weeks when I got mine. It sounds like something engine related but it isn't. If that doesn't work I'll take it off your hands for scrap.

  • Hahaha I know you would !!

    It's definitely not that, this one and the last one both had rattly headlight rims. I fixed that with blu-tac and it doesn't make a sound now.

    It's definitely from around the bevel cover or head area, but the last bike never had it and they're both low miles (around 4k) so that's what has brought it to my attention.

    If I was riding the bike in isolation I probably wouldn't notice it but because I've had a direct comparison it's easier to pick up on slight differences.

  • You can adjust it out, probably best left to a technician though, none of the kawasaki dealers i approached seemed to keen.

  • I've already had one guy today doing a bit of chin scratching and huffing and puffing like a plumber about to give me the bad news about my boiler- he said the same thing, wasn't keen to tackle it and it'd need to go to a dealer. I don't even know what the ticking is, it might be harmless for all I know.

    Or it might be about to self destruct.

  • From what I've read you only need to adjust it if you don't like the noise.

  • Bad things have happened to people's Ws when they messed with the adjustment of the bevel drive or let bike shop pretend mechanics loose on the otherwise blameless wee things. Do you have the workshop manual? You'll find it online. Check the exhaust thing, but I've never had such a problem in 45K miles.

  • A bloke i know told me a friend of his tore his motor down three times before he found out it was his tank badge!

  • Was an old single mind!