There is a 94 kx500 in a automobile museum near me This bike won the baja 1000...


There is a 94 kx500 in a automobile museum near me. This bike won the baja 1000 in 94

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  • Nick Christie

  • What an awesome rider! Nice bike too!

  • Man I bet that headlight setup would be seen for a couple feet at night anyway huh.?i want that. Actually I'd just like to know the stator used if it's a different flywheel . Quite frankly I'd love the to have a copy of the parts list and of diagrams. Maybe some preferred distributors of the parts.

  • You and many others would like to know such info.

  • its made by team green only for their riders...

  • Stator was probably a dynamo dc 180 watt

  • Team green you say? Alrighty then...

  • sean phay I'm trying to know where this auto museum is without asking where you live. And I haven't read through the comments but where is this museum at?

  • Reno

  • I was thinking so because the terrian looks real familiar . Grew up there actually grew up in Gerlach. Nv in Elko now

  • My understanding is that Kawasaki used 3 stators and made a custom flywheel. Looks possible..

  • Look how wide the cover is...

  • Here is the 1994 Baja 1000 winning bike in the AMA museum in Columbus Ohio. I took this picture about a year and a half ago. I noticed sticker placement is a little different between the two. I wonder how many 1994 Baja 1000 KX500's there are.....

  • No shit nice pic

  • I just want the lighting system

  • The kx500 had the win from 88 to 96 for the Baja 1000,so I'm guessing there's a few different bikes

  • And somebody stole the case saver sprocket guard too

  • Ya I'm thinking you're spot on with that bet

  • The magneto cover on this one isn't as wide as the other

  • Cool bikes tho,now with led technology they might not need those light house bulbs lol

  • Ya that's what you'd think but there's a fella up in Eugene Oregon that advised me when I asked that to him and he said he bought the l.e.d setup and big disappointment I was told

  • Those are next to grow lights

  • Yeah, when I looked it over, the stator cover looked stock. Since this is for "show", it wouldn't surprise me if the lighting coil was removed long ago.

  • Yeah Shake and break l.e.d. that's a ruff run I believe it

  • I am sure there are many winning KX500's, but the picture I posted and the original picture both claim to be the bike that won the 1994 Baja 1000, then a third bike is the picture Mike Weir posted. Guessing there are a few "replicas" out there.

  • These lights look cool, but I would much rather have the LED technology available today. From my experience, HID and LED lights blow away halogen lights, not even close.

  • Can the take the shake and abuse is the question?

  • Then let's replicate me lighting system . I think the one with the large flywheel cover is sporting the setup that ran the race . But just a guess

  • Fuck the exhaust system on these cant do that

  • Take the abuse

  • I willing to bet when there race team showed up to the Baja 1000 they had already five built bikes on stand by

  • And I'd say each one was a touch different due to weather, temp,and what have you

  • The stator system was a redundant system . A KDX rewound stator was used in conjunction with a Kawasaki KZ1000 (if I remember correctly) stator that was custom machined to fit the works cases. The KDX stator would power one of the lights and the street bike stator powered the other 2 lights so that if one system failed there would still be lighting capabilities.

  • What about the stator rewinds? This reminds me of what you said.I found an article about a year ago where a fella had a kdx 200 and wasn' happy with output the regular stator gave so he took his meter pics and put the output wattage and draw all that info that he testedSnd posted those readings during the bit.So what he did was stripped the stator of the original wire and was it thinner wire he then wound up onto it. And I don't remember what difference on output was. But from what remember it did increase the output to get what he was looking for .it was lighting issue he was looking to maximize what he had without a lot cash involved. I wish I remembered the link

  • Oscar Cota I wish I knew how to figure what needs to balance what or balance something on that electrical stuff. Never learned it . Seems easy enough . But there's no instructions. Too bad for me . I know there's a" let there be light" person somewhere that I'll find somehow