The winners are as follows


The winners are as follows...

Entry level ......................... Casey Davis with 8 votes.

Mid range .......................... Purepowerautomotive Mike with 10 votes.

Holy fuck ........................... Andy Clarke with 6 votes.

Am I dead yet? .................. Allan MacDonald with 6 votes.

When I look down the list of bikes that entered and even those that didnt enter, I see dedication and love and beauty in all the bikes, in a way I am somewhat sad that I had this idea but I was true to my word, I want to thank all those who participated and as Teresa Fowler rightly stated, "The main thing is we all love our bikes regardless what others think of them" .., very true and I can assure the group that this will never happen again lmfao!!

Thank you all who participated :-)

I will post the winners bikes on the cover picture soon.

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  • The only thing you did wrong Andy was have all the categories at once. If you had of done one category each week the votes would have been higher.

  • See Andy!! Look at all the laughs, fun and love that has come out of this competition man!! It was well worth doing and definitly engaged people who may not have chatted otherwise (gobby gits like me for instance!!)

  • Maybe you should do a competition and only allow bikes that are the correct colour to enter (obviously green!!).

  • I know your right Allan.., ahh well its over now thank fuck.., I woke up at 5am this morning in a cold sweat.., now I know why :-p

  • Shaun Edmondston LMFAO....

  • Shaun Edmondston .., the thing that pissed me off was the fact that other bikes "which I wont name" should have got more votes.., but life is a classroom and lesson learnt :-)

  • And to prove that I am truly sorry.., I shall adopt the naughty Ninja for 24 hours :-(

  • :)

  • oh dear Andy on the naughty step ;) pmsl ....... you sir have nothing to be sorry about :)

  • :-D