The wife seemed quite pleased when I told her I was buying a ZZR600


The wife seemed quite pleased when I told her I was buying a ZZR600.

Now I'm getting the silent treatment lol

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  • I did cost less than the price of that back tyre.

    The add said "just needs finishing" lol

  • 99% done just needs finishing off did run lol

  • Holy Feck! This was mine the day I agreed to by her - Sold to Mark Brown

  • Would suit enthusiast

  • My mate has a zzr in bits , everything you need to finish it pm if intersted

  • How shallow of her!

  • Love the minimal seat look and those hidden switches and control cables on the bars are awesome!

  • Need quite a few bits ignition coils and caps?

  • I'm suspecting the MOT on it might be forged... ;)

  • I just love the "rustic organic" look to the "blue entwined fibres" (string) that sort of hold the radiator on......bolts?....puh....that's soooo common

  • I live in Devon so wire to hold things together is just run of the mill

  • MOT? What's that?

  • Just buy the bike Jason Edworthy lol

  • hes got all that- message me with a list of parts- sure he will do you a deal as he is saving for holiday

  • Chris Greetham

  • If ya got the passion & the bits, ya just need to see the end result in ya minds eye and...........Bingoooo another bike back on the road, good lad!! Grief is only grief if ya listnin, just sayin ;-)

  • She's ok now I've done a couple of customs before so she knows what the end results can be

  • You gonna show us what ya done before? Just so we can defend ya in case one of us bumps into ya missus !!