The W handles 5k rpm and all the way down to lowest 1. 5k rpm really smoothly


The W handles 5k rpm and all the way down to lowest 1.5k rpm really smoothly.

Unlike my V, which is also a 650 but less detuned is coughing a bit upon accelerating on low rpm's.

But there is still something rattling around the steering wheel, like a gigantic screw being loose.

I also found out that either the W lights up the roads so much more compared to the V's dual headlights now that I've done some night riding with both of them.

That our I need to adjust the angles on my V.

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  • maybe switch to LED head light? they are really small now.

  • I've looked into it but it's not legal on Swedish inspecting stations. Working on installing a pair of extra lights on the V but the working space is really tight

  • well... can always buy a pair of PIAA bulbs

  • Could the rattling be from the headlight rim?

  • Yes my headlamp peak rattles at the moment ever since a mechanic changed the bulb during an MOT!

  • A full LED headlight carries a 400€ price tag, give or take. A bit expensive for a headlight...

  • Open it Conny... Perhaps a nut has fallen into the bowl.

  • Yeah O/E headlamps rattle/buzz. A quick fix is stuff foam between headlamp and steering stem

  • Thanks will try that

  • Well I solved the rattling. You guys were right, the fuse casing was shaking towards the plastic casing. At least I think it did, the rattling stopped.

    New "problem" tho. I need to fix a new screw because one of them was tugged too hard that I ruined it! :p

  • Yeah I forgot to mention rattle/buzz can occur in headlamp shell. Replacement screw....

    Could go for O/E or indeed upgrade with a stainless equivalent :-)