The voting for the beauty contest will be closing in 1 hour. 21. 30 GMT


The voting for the beauty contest will be closing in 1 hour (21:30 GMT).., anyone who has yet to vote or post their bike could you please do so now?

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  • Come on people.., even if you dont wish to post your bikes at least show some love and respect for those who have.

  • So who won Andy Meeks. Been more than an hour

  • Voting has been postponed Allan until Wednesday due to circumstances within my control :-)

  • Aww aww aww wishy washy management lmfao

  • Just make sure you give our brother Sean Sziklas some love :-D

  • "It's a traaaaaap" lol

  • Gary Beegee Butler Gary Woods Gary Joseph McBrearty Deeni De Medeiros Bec WaddellRob Robinson Rob Waddell please make sure you also give our brother some love and vote for his bike in the beauty contest :-)

  • Is it still open? It's like early morning here. Haven't had a chance to take photo last couple days, sick kids. I ll have her entered within the nx hr an half.

  • yay. did I win? lol

  • Its still open until Wednesday Bec Waddell so you and Rob get posting and voting .., not yet Purepowerautomotive Mike ..., I was having a joke with Sean Sziklas and because the contest was going poorly I decided to alter things to trap our naughty Ninja Sean.., but.., the contest has come good so it looks like the show will go on Shaun Edmondston :-D