The top fits but the bottom doesn t. I m thinking about making the tabs longer

The top fits but the bottom doesn't. I'm thinking about making the tabs longer. Any ideas?

  • As you wish, coming down to SFLA from AL is a long trip, USPS does it safer. Kit is in the garage and ain't going anywhere.

  • true, but not as much fun. and i'd need a few days off. i'll pm you my address and i could paypal you the money.

  • Ok

  • ALWAYS remember Thom when U buy something used for your bike GO TO THE MANUFACTORERS WEB SITE and download/read the instructions!!!!!! save urself a whole lot of heartache

  • Thanks dan

  • Thom it looks like it would fit if you had a rectifier relocation bracket. when i put my cobra fattys on it moved the rectifier back and that way they fit. From the pictures it looks like the rectifier is whats blocking you. Bare chim in, what do you think about it from what you see in the pictures.

  • Chester you are right..the seller sold the bars left the twist VR mod on his bike. I might cut the bottom cross bar who needs it.

  • Guys I'll send him the mounting kit. I have a spare

  • Mariano, thank you very much. The mounting kit did the trick! And your advice on the bottom left was on point! Thank you sir!

  • Glad to be able to help. You are welcome.