The subject of tyres had probably been discussed to the ends of the earth and...


The subject of tyres had probably been discussed to the ends of the earth and back, but I'm just looking for a wee bit advice on the particular brand of Pirrelli Angel ST.

Has anyone ran them on a Gen 1, and did you get a fair mileage from them.

Thanks in advance

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  • I got about 3k from the rear and think that is good for a 200 bhp monster.

  • I did 10k on pr4.maybe shouldve changed at 8 but they were still legal

  • I went from the angel ST to the angel GT, really decent tyres for everyday and do it all riding, very stable and dry like grip in the wet, can't comment on the other tyres, I'm sure they are all decent too. I'll replace these with the sane again, if it ain't broke...

  • Didn't have good experience with ST. Got rid of em well before they were worn out, only tyres have ever done that with. Pilot Road 2s i managed 5500 miles but they were toast by then. Best mileage have ever gotten from tyres so gone for PR4 this time (2 days ago so not had chance to scrub in yet)

  • Appreciated for the info, and it's kind of in line with what I was thinking. Budget was my main driver, but will probably go to the GTs or PRs now

  • I love tyre threads..... they always go off topic. Sometimes they come back but often they don't

  • I just put it down to what tyre you are happy with

  • I used to use budget tyres on my gen1 Maxxis at about £185 a pair used to get about 3000 miles from a rear. Changed to PR4 at about £230 and changed the rear at 5000 could have left it longer but was going on a trip to France so better safe than sorry. Bought gen2 and had them fitted before I picked it up. Great tyres.

  • Not so much budget tyres, but budget for tyres. I can get the Angel STs on line for 145 for the pair....the PR3s/PR4s/Angel GTs are all in the region of 199 per pair online. I've ridden with all of the latter and found them sound on performance. They all lasted "too well" on the mileage front, i.e., lots of use able tread, but squared off due to to touring miles. I guess I'm trying to say, if something gives me 5000 mls, then I'd be happy with that, as anything over this just leads to poor stability due to squaring off.

  • Ran them on my 2008 got around 6k. Now use PR4's on my gen 2