The standard mirrors give me a great view of my elbows and not much else so...


The standard mirrors give me a great view of my elbows and not much else so bought bar end mirrors. However.... the throttle end of the handlebars is plugged up! What now?

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  • Go to the Yahoo forum W650Riders and check the files, there are directions in there.

  • Drill them ?

  • trying to join the yahoo group but keep getting some error about linking email address to account.

  • Don't waist your time John... It's only mirrors, not an engine rebuilt !! You got 3 options : One, you drill the bar ends, two, you buy another, unplugged, handlebar or three, you give up on the bar end mirrors and look for another set of mirrors with longer stems.

  • You can get, or make extensions that fit between handlebar and mirror stems. It's only a bit of bar with a male and female thread on the ends. I had a set, but they've gone now..but they did work

  • I changed my bars and installed the bar end mirrors, so pleased I did!

  • Can anyone recommend mirror stem extensions? Longer term will be change the bars I think but I'll try changing the stems for now.

  • You welcome John.

  • I have mirror extenders on both the Widecar and the Nada. Easy to find different models via Google or E-bay, or the local motorcycle shop. They put the mirrors a bit higher and a bit sideways, to avoid the view of elbows and shoulders.

    I can now clearly look over my shoulder, content with it, haven't looked back since. :-D

  • Looking back I notice that extenders are your option four ;-)

  • Thanks guys. Went for the easiest solution first and bought extenders. I'll worry about fiting my nice bar end mirrors another day. It is a pity I'd already sliced the end of the grips off.