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OK, who on here is the expert on the KV75 crappy second gear situation. I know its the weak link, and common, on our bikes for wear situation. We have two KV75 machines apart, both 2nd gear output gears have the rounded gear dogs. The shifter forks are under the 4.77 mm wear limit also. 2nd gear output shaft gears NOS are no where to be found at any of the usual vintage kawaski stores or ebay.

Next: a few questions:


If not.....

* Who has welded, and ground down , and hardened the 2nd gear output ?

* Can you use your typical "mild steel" thoat comes with my MIG welder on these KV75 gears? (and, does anyone know the material spec, or typical gear material, on the kv75s....)

* what type of hardening do you need to do with these kv75 gears?

* Same question for welding/grinding/hardening for the shifter fork

* will the first gen 1971-1975 second gear output shaft work with the later 1976-1980 bikes (they have different shift patterns)....or is the 71-76 gears suffer from the same wear?

* I saw a mention on one of the online forums, if you are going to have a shop re-grind the gears, to get second gear "undercut"...what exactly do they mean "undercut", and how will this benefit?



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Everything on the table is all the parts I have left, plus the frame, exhaust and motor/trannny, from the 75 I have been parting out. Motor is CLEAN with only a scored piston. 95% of the hardware is still with the parts. I am ready to move these things so make a reasonable offer and it is on the way !


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Like the alice in chain song "Them Bones". I'll be picking the bones here.....looking like its gonna need some pb blaster on just about everything to even take apart. Forks are toast, rear wheel/brake backiing plate roached, fuel tank roached all way through, outer engine fins have rust...shifter splines look toasted ....I was hoping to have at least a good second gear system (gears/shifter mechanism)... as I know these are usually known to go....can only hope...the carb is there, but its been exposed to the elements gonna clean it up well, buy a carb rebuild kit and wish for the best....original right side throttle / left side aluminum housings seem ok, but the on/off and on/off light switches willl not move at all...again, pb blaster, take it apart and hope for the best...needs new grips..light glass is broke, very bottom chrome ring is roached.....Hopefully I didnt spend too much at 130.00 bucks...Have two other pre-75 bikes ,so stocking up on any parts I might need...


Hey guys if no one here is sitting on a spare throttle cable where might I look... — The Kawasaki KV75 and MT1 Forum

Hey guys, if no one here is sitting on a spare throttle cable, where might I look online and track one down?

Also need an air filter, and I'm unsure how it's fitted onto the bike. Is there a rubber collar connected to an air box, with filter inside?

I don't have a manual yet and am unsure of the setup, to know what I need.


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Three questions from the USA.

1) What exact 'rattle can' paint color did we finally come up with for the 1971 Green:

2) I was just gifted a green rear fender by a grand member of our group to replace my original shredded fender. I now find that the '71 had a black rear fender. Anyone want to trade their black for a green, for the cost of shipping?

3) What is this rear suspension piece pictured? I don't have this part on my bike. What is its purpose?


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So got me a pair of bikes for me and the lady, we have full size road bikes but I'm thinking need to make these road worthy and we will get a lot more use out of them. Do you guys have any information on this? Did the do an oem street bike version? I do not want to chop up my og bike but if it bolts on... please help.


Just got my kV built. anyone know the shift pattern. I ve read one down two up — The Kawasaki KV75 and MT1 Forum

Just got my kV built......anyone know the shift pattern? I've read one down two up.....mine shifts very wildly....hard time getting from gear to gear without it going into neutral between all gears......is this a common problem? Any help is much appreciated....this is much faster than my ct70 trail! I just don't wanna have to split cases unless I have to....I have a spare motor to split for practice if I have to. Thanks in advance for any help


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So this is my first mini bike as I start collecting and I plan to repainted it all. Does anyone recommend sanding the tank all the way down to bare metal then prime and paint or just paint over the old paint. Since the shocks and forks are external I believe this to be the first run 1971 model mt1. Any pointers would be appreciated. I plan on doing a custom paint job maybe like a old school Ww2 motorcycle. Or possible just something different than the basic green with kawasaki on the tank.


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