The bolts that hold the front of my rear mudguard are turning when i try to...


The bolts that hold the front of my rear mudguard are turning when i try to remove them. Any thoughts?

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  • Err... the nuts are turning too ? :P

  • I doesn't need to come off, it's just that I have a better rear mudguard to go on.

  • Well john I think the only way is to grind/drill the heads off remove the mudguard then explore the battery tray plastic thingy & see if you can go through in the middle of the 2 bolts somewhere with 1 new bolt & a nice big penny washer to spread the load a bit don't forget the 4 top bolts hold it well enough so have a looksy it ain't a bad job just annoying more than anything else ain't it.

  • Not very helpful at this stage but this circumstance makes the case for the judicious use of copper slip being a good habit on bikes of Japanese origin.

  • Your right Colin or any bike that goes through our salty winters tbf.

  • Hi, I have a syringe that came with a printer ink refill kit. When it is too cold or too wet to ride I have a little poke about and put a few drops of ACF 50 on the bike's "important little places" with the syringe.

    3in1 or any light oil would be nearly as good. My hope is that at some future date, the fasteners will loosen as required. It possibly does no good but makes me feel better

  • am i correct in thinking that it has some kind of nut moulded into the plastic?

  • Yes john

  • In North America, we have this product which has worked well for me to loosen rusty nuts and bolts