The bike got a present this morning a nice rebuilt and shortened shock from...


The bike got a present this morning, a nice rebuilt and shortened shock from hagon .. Top marks to hagon highly recommend them

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  • It'll handle just fine Al, they are a Sports Tourer after all. or was it a Hyper Sports Tourer? Or Hyperbike? Or Hyper Superbike?

  • None of the above its a two wheeled missile :)

  • Definitely something about them Colin they seem to have a hold over folk. I can never understand why they are so "Affordable", so much for so little money.

  • Shhhhh dave !!!! Everyone will want one .. They are not worth the metal they are made of .. Don't buy one .. You thought I was restoring it, I'm making an elaborate flower pot holder

  • It defies logic when you see gsxr1100's and the like of the early nineties go for £2500 plus. But like ive said many times before, even if someone offered me 10 grand for my 1100c model, id never sell her. Im keeping her forever, or at least until my final breath! :)

  • The zzr1100c are a proper bike in my eyes. .great power house that pulls all the way though the range.. .sticks to the road like glue. .comfortable..reliable. .cheap for parts..sure it has a few issues with brakes seizeing up if stood...front forks blowing seals.....and 2nd gear...

  • This needs its own thread, something like "What attracts you to the ZedZed" gotta be some mileage in that question eh?

  • I reckon to some of us of a certain vintage they hark back to when.............................................. ...

  • Too young to have been a Rocker, too old to be a NinjaTurtle :-) The Zed Thou Generation......

  • people say you should never own your dream as it wont live up to it ...lyin feckers its better :)......on the subject of hagon shocks i had a custom one made for my varadero (cost me 500) for touring 2 up and im 19 stone ...they are fantastic the bike handled so much better with no bottoming out i would recommend them to anyone and the service is outstanding.