Thats the location post cleaned up I realise its a long list and I have toyed...

Thats the location post cleaned up, I realise its a long list and I have toyed with the idea of making an inventory to make finding people simpler, the only thing is it would consume a hell of alot of time maintaining as we receive new members, if anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.

  • I guess there is no easy way to make a list ;) Do you want to make an inventory with just the country or the exact location (country and town)?

  • I have thought of a few different things I could do, the problem is that we get members joining every day so the list would have to be maintained, and it would have to be pinned to be of any use.

  • I thought about a poll but there are 50+ states in the US alone.., so the poll would be huge.

  • And within each state there are dozens of different areas.

  • Hmm... I think the best way is to make a map where the members can add their location

  • Adrian Tofaute , great idea only we dont have that facility.

  • Check

  • Adrian Tofaute , you my friend are a genius!

  • ^^ Have seen this in another group

  • This could be the answer to all the lazy sods who cant be bothered searching through a 270 member list :-p

  • Leave it with me.., full credit given if it works.., might even make Ninja of the month? ;-)

  • Nah.. It's nothing special x) Just did what every Ninja would do!

  • Still a huge task imputing the info onto the map, and then updating it as each new member arrives, unless its interactive and members can post their own locations?, will give it serious thought over this weekend, cheers :-)

  • Nothing special?, this post has been active for 8 hours and you are the first to come forward with a positive suggestion, credit where credit is due!

  • Will call it The Adrian Atlas :-p

  • Lol xD I agree!