• Thankyou 4 have n me in this group vn 2000 s rock

    Thankyou 4 have n me in this group vn 2000's rock

    • Welcome from Illinois

    • I am kenny from australia

    • Nice to meet you

    • Thankx mate

    • I have been dreaming of going to Australia for half of my life. I always told my kids if I didn't make it there when I'm alive ; please somebody get my ashes over there when I'm dead

    • You should do it your $ is better than ours

    • LOL, my wife and I are both disabled so our money isn't very good either. LOL, that's why we have never been able to make it there

    • At least u have each other mate

    • Very true . And I am so very thankful for that . Thank you brother

    • Ken, I have told Jim that many times. Thanks for telling him that !!!