Thanks for letting me join This is my KV75 Unfortunately the previous owner...


Thanks for letting me join. This is my KV75. Unfortunately the previous owner has grafted a honda c70 motor in it. I know what a clown. Any ideas how old? I live in the isle of man and this is probably the only one on the island. I would like the right motor back in it. Are they hard to come by in the UK?. My other bikes are KTM 950 adventure and BMW 1973 /5 and a GXSR400. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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  • The chassis no. Is MT-607014

  • Last in line. 1980 KV75-A9. Correct paint too :) I'll do an inquirey for you in the UK about an engine ;) Welcome, mate !

  • Simon, Adrian ?

  • I have a spare engine.I will see if I can find a pic.

  • Where are you based Adrian Tyldesley?

  • In lancashire Daniel John Kirk

  • Adrian Tyldesley I thought you were going to say somewhere in the states. lol. Have yoy ever been to the TT?

  • Hey Daniel, watch ebay. There are engines on there occasionally. as well as everything else.

  • Adrian Tyldesley is that motor still available?

  • Adrian.