TGIF. And she s ready for a weekend of sunshine

TGIF !! And she's ready for a weekend of sunshine !

  • Ill have a look.. cheers!!

  • Pleasure was all mine ;)

  • We were there once, beautiful countryside and some nice pubs too! Enjoy

  • Very beautiful, man. Mind sharing where to get that "650" tank emblem?

  • Thanks Jack.

  • Anytime ;)

  • You already riding on the wrong side?

  • KilleR Bruv ;-)

    See you cjange winkies N tail lite....

  • Hey, good catch Ned ;) Yes the turning signals are Lucas replicas. Pretty good stuff. The tail light is the OEM one, but I got an A65T original on the way.

  • Jack was dubious about winkirs but noted tail lite OEM.

    A65T are KilleR like em meself. Cheeky.

    Have thort of grafting one on OEM bracket.

    But already spent £££££££ on DuBster.

  • Sweet - is this a UK only item? Website?

  • I'm going for the full classic look... W3-like. Seat, signals, tail light, handlebar... Even tires are back to square 3.25 X 19 and 4.00 x18. :)

  • KilleR Jack. So is that also a different saddle?

    So is you going for a repro fuel tank?

  • Is this an A65T?