Terry Trash Homer updated the description of the group Kawasaki Ninja Riders.



Thank you for showing an interest in our group, as the name suggests this is a group solely for Kawasaki Ninja Riders and it is a stipulation of the group that you must own and ride a Kawasaki, (exceptions will be made for those who display a love for the Kawasaki brand), this is a friendly thriving community group with the intention of sharing pictures, videos and stories about our bikes and our biking lives, we have many members within our community who are competent mechanics in all aspects of motorcycles and are more than happy to help out a fellow member, we also have some talented members who make decals and bespoke Ninja seat covers, basically its a one stop shop for anything Kawasaki related and I am proud to be a member of this great group.

There are few exceptions of things that will not be tolerated within the group, promoting other makes of bikes, STRICTLY NO TALKING POLITICS OR RELIGION and no spammers.., we don’t need no flip flops or sun glasses!

One of the main purposes of the group is to unite fellow members into riding groups, there is a pinned post for this purpose and I ask all new members to post their location under it and check down the list for anyone who lives close to them, we have already had many success’s with this and its a positive thing for the group as a whole.

Now that thats out of the way we wish you a very warm welcome and keep it Ninja!

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