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  • Scott Knabb...only at Perlis.Malaysia....Teh Soon Kwang....inform me if u want 2 come again....

  • Very nice

  • Anis Afindi Othman any more hidden places in perlis?

  • Thanks Anis Afindi Othman Your country is gorgeous

  • Scott Knabb u see our country gorgeous... we see yr country gorgeous too... sometimes we need to create our own rides and chart our own route to make it interesting.

  • How about this Teh Soon Kwang and Anis Afindi Othman. I come out to Malaysia and ride my KLX and Versys with you guys there, and then you all visit me in the winter and we ride snowmobiles over here! That would be a cool trade! I would love to blow your minds with our winter countryside and I know you guys would be instantly hooked on snowmobiles

  • Scott Knabb...wow...good idea...maybe one day..

  • Awesome idea Scott Knabb. Sure why not.

  • That would be awesome

  • Snowmobile looks new n super shiny.