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    Two very affordable, yet quality helmets ( LS2 and Spyder )


    LS2 FF358 Warrior : 2,725

    Spyder Xcellerate 2.0: 2450


    To a price conscious buyer a 275 peso difference would mean a lot. Though you would consider the Spyder to be much cheaper to a quality stand point, Spyder is considerable a bang for your buck.

    LS2 comes with a carrying case with other trinkets such as LS2 sticker. On the other hand Spyder comes also with a carrying case without any spyder sticker.


    LS2 FF358: 10+ designs to choose from

    Spyder Xcelerate 2.0: 2 designs (varies in Color)


    Though Spyder is much cheaper they just offer a limited choices when it comes to design. Unlike the LS2 FF358 offers almost 10++ designs to choose from, include to that the color range that you can choose.


    Both offers : ABS Composite Shell,

    Dual Density EPS Liner

    Aero Vents

    Polycarbonate visors

    Removable and Washable Liner

    Retention System


    As mentioned above both of the helmets offers same quality of materials used. Heres what I noticed with the LS2 that I purchased, when it comes to attention to details LS2 seems to lack quality on the graphics of the FF358 I saw several imperfections on the graphics of the Helmet. Add to that they use a swade like fabric in the washable liners. My bad experience with swade like fabric is that they peel off specially if the material is exposed to heat. Unlike the quality of the Xcelerate, Spyder did a great job in the quality of their graphics, in my opinion its flawless. With regards to the Liners, unlike LS2, Spyder uses a leather like material at the botom of the liner(not sure if its geniun leather).

    With the information mentioned above you can decide between the 2 brands. If your after to the design and choices, go for LS2. But if you are in a budget, choose Spyder. When it comes to quality? I'm still in the verge of testing the to brands.

    What I've noticed is that the replacement parts for both Spyder Xcelerate and LS2 FF358 is almost identical and can be interchange. One part that we tried to inter change is the visor. If you want your Spyder to have a Pinlock Visor ready buy a Visor for LS2 FF358. But if you want your LS2 FF358 to have a lockable visor buy a visor for Spyder Xcelerate.