Talking about gasolines


Talking about gasolines :

Are you confused in what kind of gasoline you are going to feed your tamed beautiful MC?

Others say that its better to use these, that or those.. COnfusing eh??? Now im going to tell you a little secret...

We have the 1. super or premium which claims it has 95 and up octain rating

2. there is the unleaded which have 93 or lower octane content.

3.there are high octanegas which they claim from 96 to 100 octane rating.

Now the question which one is the best for everyday commuting and doesn't leave carbon deposit too much? the answer is the Unleaded. Yes you may say that the high octain gas is good because it will make you MC run faster but the truth is its NOT you are just thinking that it is running faster because it is a high octane gas.

Why? am I telling these?

>> the truth is "if your engine is stock or with just minimal modification" you Ride will not appreciate the difference between 93 octane rating or 100 octane rating! thus your engine is just prone to overheat because it burns faster. But "if your engine is heavily modified" then you should use high octane gas to avoid detonation of your piston.

Now maybe you know why it is suggested by the manufacturers to use unleaded, because first it will not produce too much heat doesn't leave too much carbon deposits FOR BETTER mileage.

Oh by the way: Blaze,or any kind of gas with high octane gas they are just for marketing strategy that claims to make you Ride run faster but the naked truth is its not specially that your engine is stock, it will not appreciate the difference. Now think about it!

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