• Taking my new zzr out tomorrow 4k revs for 500 miles

    Taking my new zzr out tomorrow, 4k revs for 500 miles

    • I want to get used to it, i have wated nearly 2 years for ghis bike so i want to enjoy it.Thanks chris for advice but i will stick to what i was told.

    • I'm going into my shed to work out SHOULD I hit the next nail on the head with a full on swing with my new hammer OR should I just tap it for a little;-))

    • Full on swing, if you hit your thumb then you missed somewhat lol

    • ENJOY your new steed Andy however you choose to ride.

    • Thanks mark

    • when your paying all that money for a machine like this you are wise to heed the manufactures advice

    • Yes andrew.

    • 4k =90mph so it's hardly a slow process running in , I would say take it easy until the first oil change then steadily open the taps more until 1k miles and then ring that bitches neck until she screams for mercy

    • Enjoy the bike mate. I also got mine a week ago (1st March) and it is a slow process running it in for a 1000 mile run. Mine is identical to yours. Maybe catch you on the road one day.

    • Thanks simon she is an awesome machine, see you around.