Sunday tinkering is bliss

Sunday tinkering is bliss

  • You've got a canny collection there Lee :)

  • Lee, are all three yours?

  • Correction: Are all three-and-a-half W650s, yours?

  • Two-and-a-half-and-quarter

  • Yeah rocky I started my collection before the prices soared, anything w650 if I can I buy lol friends & family think I'm crazy but I work hard & the W is a beautiful machine.

  • (Was never too good at Math, in school. Always drawing motorcycles and counting-down the days (years) until I would have a bike.)

  • Kris Kipper Vandenberghe all the bits are here somewhere

  • Rocky Zed I was terrible at school too but I know what I like lol

  • Cool, Lee!

  • I understand Lee, all bits can be found in those crates/boxes/bags/shelves/bins/ohnowhereisits :-D

  • I like the drying rack for shop rags!

  • What's your plan, Lee, for the two push bikes?

  • You need another W650

  • Rocky Zed I've got all the stock bits although I'd like alloy mudguards & a few little bits just to make them mine.

  • Doesn't everyone

  • Looking Cool buddy!!

  • I know I do. Three would be just perfect! Well, almost as perfect as four, or maybe...

  • Gotta be even... 6?

  • 3 is the magic number but 6 lol

  • You going next weekend Chris?

  • 7 is a Holy Number, brings instant happiness.

  • Gonna go on the Sunday I reckon mate.

  • Yep mate us too