Sun is blazing bags are packed no work for 8 days. LET S GO

Sun is blazing, bags are packed, no work for 8 days.....LET'S GO

  • I'm having this exact question atm pal I've had a 350 supermoto for 4/5 years and have ridden a few bigger bikes 500/600cc but not for long so I'm looking for my 'first' big bike and I was thinking a 800 may be to much for me

  • The z800 is very forgiving, the torque kicks in up there range so you won't get any surprises while rolling on the throttle, unless you want to.

  • 800 is a great choice. I would simply nurse it at first and learm the bike before cranking the bitch open

  • Same thinking again mate I think if I get a 600 I'll be happy at first then get very board. Street triple are lovely but after sitting on one they feel abit small for my build.

  • I am only a skinny lad and found triumph too small and light....i know that may sound daft with most thinking light is good. I know it may seem cheeky if you are gonna buy second hand but just go and spend a few weekends test riding different bikes from dealers. You can garner info and opinion from any biker but only your opinion matters. I biased....the zed has already stole my heart

  • Cheers for the help man I appreciate it

  • Dont matter wot size ya get m8 ur still just want more lol

  • The zedz r all round nice bikes 2 ride b it slow or fast short or long distance iv got the z750r not much in it with the z800 i just ike the look of the older 750 over the 800 but thats just personal prefance iv just fallen in ove with the new z1000r lol

  • My z750r

  • New z1000r

  • This is true

  • Hi dan u working monday ?

  • Was at on yer bike the other day and i still cant make my mind up with the new 650 and 900. Bits i like. Lots i dont.

    Out riding with a few zed headz and ex zed headz

  • I am away doing some work to help my mum out and also fitting in loads of riding round my old stomping grounds

  • Us 3 should start hitting local bike nights when the nights get longer

  • Were ya up on ya bike with the reading lot ? Ye i got sum ideas of sum rides out ya got the normal cassy n that but fancy going 2 see little chloe jones race in davantary know its a zedhead thing but mite put it out n see if sum of the reading lot fancy it 2 n i fancy prescot hill clime again weather it 2 the bike 1 or the cars still gud fun nice ride sit in the sun watch the racing n chill n ride back mayb santa pod

  • Woz guna see if ya fancyed a ride gotta ifit sum bits 2 the bike then weathers looking gud lol

  • Would like to go watch chloe zedheadz or not. We will do some of this dude

  • Would of dude....shame

  • Just hav 2 hoon on my own just dont feel as safe on ye own if sumthing happens lol

  • I know what your saying but sometimes it best flying solo. Hit the long crendon road from bicester as if your going to on your bike but take a right before the speed limit drops to 50 and the bridge. Road heads to Thame and goes past the prison. It only about 10 miles long but it one of my favourite roads near home. Fucking pearling sweeping bends. If you are flying solo and havent done it beforw just take it steady.....road has claimed a few lives over the years.

  • Ya got the a40 2 stockchurch that way 2 i love that road

  • It got great flow

  • Ye went up there end of the summer 135 round a lovly long corner throw the wood had 2 go back n make a stop as it woz the same corner my old man died

  • Soz bud didnt know. I am sure you have told me this before though. Catch up when I get back