Stupid question i bought a 02 ninja Saturday and i was told from a harley guy...


Stupid question i bought a 02 ninja Saturday and i was told from a harley guy that i didnt get a true ninja because its not a 500 or bigger. Is this true or not i bought an 02 ex250.

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  • I've heard just about any name people would call anything smaller than a 600 or 500 because they despise the lack of power in acceleration. However, I have learned that those who took their time to learn the 300/250's, put them on the same bike, and they'll out corner most of the guys on the big bikes.

  • And you care what a harley rider says?

  • Big Daddy Ninja

  • Amen to that Buddy :)

  • This pic was a couple years ago. I just put new Pilot 4s on him, fender eliminator, and have about 8000 miles so far. Get a 650. I ❤ mine!

  • Awesome bike wish I got one of these instead of the 08 FZ6S, but budget dictates :(

  • Stepdad said it

  • Just tell the Harley guy its ok he rides a hundred bucker don't be upset and he is going to ask y did u say that and u tell him every time you brake down its a hundred bucks and every screw they loose is a hundred bucks he will shut up and walk off

  • Yep! Hence the HD = hundred dollars = minimum for each break down

  • Lol well he said before you're fixing it more then riding

  • hey, you show him your phone and tell him that you are a member of the Kawasaki Ninja Riders community, and that even our slowest riders could wipe the floor with their fastest!

  • All this from a question you thought was too stupid to ask Buddy!

  • Yeah i thought it was a stupid question glad I asked it too.

  • Grrr it pisses me off when people do this I ride a Ninja 300 loud and doesn't matter about the horsepower what matters is that you ride in the 1st place.

  • Nope I own a 250 and a 600 and only ride the 250!!! Ride ur ride!!!