Stupid question here I have these horrible foam grips on my bike and I bought...


Stupid question here, I have these horrible foam grips on my bike and I bought some new 1" grips but I cannot for the life of me get the old ones off. Is the left side glued on? It won't budge. The throttle side twists but won't come off either. Do I have to remove the metal housing to get that side off? Thank you for your answers

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  • Yes on both questions. The left is glued and the right is connected to the thottle cables. There There is There is a sleeve inside the throttle cable that the cables connect into. That should be built into the new ones (at least in the kuryakyns it is.)

  • I had to saw mine off!

  • Un do cable on the right and slice the left side like a Sub Samich and unwrap that sucker. atleast that's what i did. LOL

  • They are both screwed on, one in reverse wise (don't remember what, maybe right one because of the throttle action that twists it ccw), if you can unscrew them they'll leave with no problem.