Stock T S lenses Re Visited ok I have 4 envelopes with 2 lenses per envelope Pm...


Stock T/S lenses Re -Visited ok I have 4 envelopes with 2 lenses per envelope Pm your address things are a little hectic when you are only home for 44 hours a week and I lost track I kinda remember the names but please help me remember names and addresses so post your name here and pm address thanks sorry for delay just no time

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  • Steve miller is all set 3 more.Leaving for Buffalo in 2 hours if i don't here from you soon you will have to wait until Thrusday i will be home early this week as i have Dr Appt

  • Jim Renda, I take back what I said about you the other day... HaHaHa !!!

  • ON the road boy's the other 3 will have to wait until mid week.

  • Jerry Paschal 6504 smith lane Shreveport LA 71107.... thanks jim

  • Jerry i will forward this to the Wife and see if she can get you monday with the other stuff if not i will ship it Thursday

  • No hurry jim whenever you get back is fine... just got back from a good 3 day ride . Now I gotta pick up a bike for my brother n work on it. Hopefully he will be able to ride this year.