Stock carb VS aftermarket carb


Stock carb VS aftermarket carb???

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  • Aftermarket. Lectron powerjet

  • I'm running a pwk 38mm on 1 quad and all the rest are stock.

  • The stock carbs are very restrictive aftermarket carbs not restrictive

  • Question I ride all Woods wouldn't 36mm be better for low end?

  • Nice dog john. And to your question about the 36 mm carb I would say yes

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  • His name is turbo he's 9 years old. Still run and plays like a puppy. I'm amazed that he can still run up and down the stairs. My girlfriend put the sweater on him. Lol

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  • That be cool if live in bfe

  • Hey paul, what are you running for jets with that carb? I get the same carb but don't know where to start with jetting.

  • I had a local mechanic do it. I sat there for a whole day trying all different sizes and I couldn't figure it out