Still sexy and beautiful sadly not mine. class on wheels

Still sexy and beautiful,sadly not mine..class on wheels

  • Nice pair of GP zeds.

    Note: small 'z' for the air cooled ones,

    big 'Z' for the liquid cooled ones.

  • Never had a go on any of these two..only gpz1000 fun and zx10 scary but great engine..missed out on gpz900r but still admire them.

  • I had a GPZ900R for many years.

    Great bike.

    The GF had a GPz750 Unitrak, that was a good bike too. She sold it to buy a

    ZZ-R1100 C1.

  • My old man had a 900r.. I loved that machine & always wanted one! I personally think they're still aesthetically stunning & probably still handle really well.. they were well ahead of they're time & set the bench mark quite high back in the day.

    The old man loved his & when traded in for a ZX10, he regretted it for quite some time.

  • Still got a Gpz9 in the garden in serious need of rebuild

  • Worth doing it Mike.

    Prices for good 900Rs are rising fast. Another 10-15 years and they'll have the same classic status as the Z1 does now.

  • I think the 1000rx was much better than the zx10..dangerous slow steering on the zx10 but still fast..1000rx made me smile more has a roar on the engine like the zzr1100..had fun on gpz600 also but had it stolen.

  • I know,its my 3rd, love them. Finding time is problem

  • Gpz900r and zx10 prices are getting high and expensive now

  • Crashed my zx10..did a superman over a bush..was going too fast and lost control

  • I had a GPZ600R new in '87, the only brand new bike I've ever had. It was a great bike but it got written off by a car after 3 years.

    The insurance and compo paid for my 900R.

  • Got hit by van on my first Gpz9,friend who saw me go over bars said I looked like frog in flight

  • Gpz600 was a lovely bike to ride..solid and great on fuel.and better to ride than a zzr600.zz6 is much faster though but its not all about speed

  • I loved mine. In retrospect it probably wasn't as good as the Honda CBR600 but I was a Kawasaki man. Still am, too.

  • GPZ 900r's are awesome machines! this was my 85 model in 1987

  • Always liked that colour scheme. Really suited the 900.

  • I had a red/silver,then a silver/grey yellow pinstripes (looked stunning believe it or not) then red/black which has been sprayed BRG with goldlettering

  • You must of had a bad one my ZX isnt dangerous