Still can t get quite to the edge


Still can't get quite to the edge

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  • Maybe coz we're 2 up that the pegs go down ....... best thing is the missus is upset she doesn’t hear the pegs scrape at least once a trip lol

  • if you go past the edge then your going to deck out as well as the side of the bike, unless your on motogp tyres and your elbow sliders are down ;)

  • Do people run 55 profile rears, lots more side grip. Managed to warm them up today

  • 55's are the way

  • Who cares as long as your safe and your bike don't get trashed enjoy!

  • Seek and ye shall find lol

  • If you run a 55 rear do you need to change the front as well????

  • No Mark.

  • Thanks, does that mean I will get rid of the chicken strips on the front with the extra side grip as I'm off the edge on the rear???

  • Well you will be giving yourself more side edge grip as the sidewall is higher, so I would say yes you should be able to push the front harder