Steve Miller shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners & riders.


this is my bike, I bought it about 2 months ago. I found the youtube video of the dealer posting it last fall. I took off the bags and the backrest/luggage rack. I am also going to take off the windshield. I have taken the secondary butterflies out of it and have plans on taking off the license plate bracket and relocating the plate to my swing arm.

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  • Yeah nice and clean like mine

  • yeah, nice and clean but not like yours..thats one custom paint job!! Very nice bike man.

  • Hey Steve, check the VIN with the dealer and make sure the factory recall on the front pulley has been done, and if it hasn't, make sure it gets done, Brother!

  • I checked the vin when I got it and it has already been done but I appreciate the heads up. This is a great bike!

  • whats wrong with the front pulley on the 04 ?

  • They only used one bearing and people had problems so they done a recall and every year after they used 2 bearings..something to that