• Springweather in Västerås today so I had to wash her

    Springweather in Västerås today, so I had to wash her.. :)

    • Thanks!

    • This is mine!

    • I love the colors on your bike, what are they if you don't mind me asking? Looks like we have the same trunk, I know we have the same bags! What fairing did you use?

    • i miss mine, i'm on the road alot (trucker) and i really wish i was home to escape with it

    • Nice color scheme love it

    • The colors are RAL 9001, cremeweiss and RAL 6033, minttuerkis. The batwing is homemade..

    • Bags do look good. What fairing is that on the front ?

    • Homemade..

    • Boris

    • Did you make fairing from scratch or start with one for a different bike, love the look and what trunk

    • By home made I assume you mean you modified a Harley one right?

    • I made a mold, and yes, the pre-shape is from an other batwing. I don´t know the origin of that one..I made it deeper and a bit wider.

    • Really looks good, does it have a inner also

    • Not a good one.. Gonna nmake a new when I got the time..