Sprıng Rıde thıs Sunday damm gotto mıx up wıth all dem Harley s wıll post...


Sprıng Rıde thıs Sunday...damm gotto mıx up wıth all dem Harley's...wıll post some pıcs....plus mınus 150 or so ..bıg rıde !!

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  • I always ride in the back, that way who breaks down...

  • Your a Brave man Shane lol

  • lol.. didn't get to finish what i was typing. .the misses interrupted. I meant to say.. i always ride in the back, that way I know who breaks down, and i can give them a hand.

  • You going to South Padre ?

  • err?? do what?

  • Was doing the meglatron show till Tornado on I-45-20 destroyed moving vans with five of the ten sections

  • Hmp, pretty cool. I didn't know about that. It's about an 8-9 hour drive from me..

  • about 30 of my guy's just rode out lol , 5th wheels are already down there where everybody will have a Bed & place to crash , lock up your scoot with disc lock if You go Shane , Bikes do come up missing there sometimes , L8R

  • My bike is still not 100% back together yet. Hopefully by next weekend it's done.